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YA Fantasy Author
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Description: Twelve-year-old Aria is a freak. At least according to her mother and sisters who treat her horribly because of a minor abnormality, she is. So when the opportunity arises to get away from them for at least an evening to attend a dragon duel, she snatches the chance right up. But Aria can’t stay away from home forever and she must face her family eventually... QUEEN FOR A MOMENT is a magical story that tackles the themes of the long to be loved and finding hope in hard times.


Kayleigh Idea (Kay-lee Ee-day-uh)

Kayleigh Idea is a young author from Arizona whose passion for stories started at a young age through books, movies, and musical theatre. She started writing young adult fantasy when she was thirteen and hasn’t been able to stop since. In her free time, she can usually be found posting writing advice on her blog, eating chocolate, or reading a good book. She's never had magic abilities before, but she loves to write about characters who do.

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